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BowCAD - A computer aided design program, for bows!

Добавлено: 16 дек 2013, 20:25
BowCAD - A computer aided design program, for bows!

Любопытная программа по моделированию конструкции лука.
Frequently asked questions concerning bow-construction.
How to construct the bow with the existing piece of wood?
How to guarantee an evenly distribution of power?
How many pounds the bow will shoot with maximum draw?
How much loss of power you have to calculate.
In most cases, these questions can only be answered after construction of several self-made bows. However, even experience is no protection against mistakes. The bow is too weak at the ends, bends not correctly and in the worst case it breaks. This is very frustrating, if you put in a lot of time and effort. Additionally, it is very hard to motivate yourself and to complete the bow when you notice your plans were wrong.
BowCAD helps to avoid mistakes in the planning process and creates a virtual image of the bow you dreamed of. This simulation demonstrates how far your requirements correspond to the bow planned. As consequence you have the possibility to detect and correct possible weaknesses and miscalculations before having started to construct the bow.
BowCAD is a program specially developed for the bow construction. It makes possible a new approach by giving more planning certainty.
Calculates the optimal tiller for your draft
Creates a template making the tiller process much easier
Has CAD-tools being very easy to use
contains FEM simulation modul
calculates draw- and distribution drafts
is available for Windows and Macintosh
is available in English and German (further languages coming soon)
has a convincing price performance ratio